Hermosa Beach Real Estate Information

Home to 18,556 Californians, Hermosa Beach and is sandwiched in between Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach. Originally part of the 1984 Spanish land grant that became known as Rancho Sausal Redondo, Hermosa Beach is just a portion of the original 10-mile stretch of shoreline. Residents find that Hermosa Beach offers the perfect combination of beach-oriented recreation and family-based living in a relatively small and caring community. Because of Hermosa Beach’s small size, high school students attend campuses in neighboring Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach, although the city of Hermosa Beach maintains a couple of elementary schools of its own.

A popular paved path, The Strand, runs from the south in Redondo Beach, through Hermosa Beach, and north all the way to Santa Monica. It is quite popular with people on foot, riding bicycles, skateboard, rollerblades, and even those in a wheelchair or with a stroller enjoying the relaxing sun and stunning surf. Interestingly, thousands of residents and guests use the shoreline pathway daily. The wide and flat beaches of Hermosa Beach are perfect for sunbathing, beach volleyball, surfing and paddleboarding alike. While winter surf is best saved for the professional tournaments that frequent Hermosa Beach, the summer surf is perfect for those people looking to splash in the water and learn how to surf. Because of Hermosa’s very wide beaches, a massive number of permanent beach volleyball courts are maintained by the city. In fact, beach volleyball is so popular year-round that Hermosa Beach is commonly referred to as the “Beach Volleyball Capital of the World.”

The cool oceanic breezes help keep Hermosa Beach at a comfortable temperature yearround and keep the infamous Los Angeles smog from infiltrating the area’s beautiful blue skies and clean Pacific air. This beautiful weather is not only good for beach activities but also a number of other recreational activities that residents can partake in at Hermosa Beach’s wide range of facilities, including eight municipal parks, a roller hockey rink, tennis courts, a skateboarding park, and a basketball facility. There is also a popular lawn bowling club based in Hermosa Beach. A number of annual events are hosted in Hermosa Beach, attracting thousands of local residents and visitors from around the world. Some of the more popular include the Hermosa Ironman, AVP Hermosa Beach Open, Hermosa Beach Film Festival, International Surf Festival, Hennessey's Paddle Board Festival, and Sand and Strand Run.